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Black Widow Mine Turquoise

The Black Widow Mine is in the Candelaria Mining District of Esmeralda County, Nevada. This small, very hard rock mine has produced hard turquoise ranging from light to dark blue, some with waterweb or spiderweb matrix. The turquoise the mine produces is very diverse, including an almost white, very hard turquoise with delicate light blue webbing that we call "White Cloud" turquoise. The mine was worked in the early 1900's by Lige Harris, and later in the 1970's up through the early 2000's by the McGinnis family and others. Today, we are co-owners of the mine with turquoise miner, historian, and jeweler, Philip Chambless. The name "Black Widow" was given to this mine because of the intense black spiderweb matrix that is found in some of its highest grade stones.

Black Widow products


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