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How We Care

Mined Responsibly...Cut With Caretm

We revere and respect the land, the stones, and the people who work with both. The stones you get from us to incorporate into your artwork, your special collection, or to simply wear and enjoy, have been filled with love, honor and respect. Most of the work we do ourselves, but when we do get help, we make sure it is Fair Trade.

We live as close as possible to the land we work, so we understand the ground and the environment we are working with. We make as little new disturbance as possible and work tirelessly to respect and not waste our precious resource. Sometimes that makes our work take longer than others, but we feel it is worth it in the long run: for the earth, for the stone, and for our integrity. We also make sure that our operations are legally bonded for reclamation when the time comes.


And, as far as integrity with our cut stones goes, we are very serious about accuracy in mineral identification, disclosure of treatments, and maintaining the provenance of our stones. We keep track of the origin of each stone and provide certification and disclosure with every purchase you make. Most of our stones are either completely natural or natural stone with backing, but you can rest assured, if there has been any treatment done to a stone (for example: backing, surface filling, stabilization, enhancement), we will tell you about it on the product listing and in the certification that comes with your purchase. Keep this provenance with your stones so that it is there for future generations.

We can’t stress enough how much we care about the quality of our cutting. We come from a background of gemology, gemstone artistry, and cutting gems for high-end fine jewelry. We think you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the quality of our cut stones.


And if you ever have any questions, please contact us.

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