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Nevada Blue Mine Turquoise

Nevada Blue turquoise is a fascinating stone, characterized by wild, bold red and black matrix in bright blue and intense, high-grade spiderweb. There are also other minerals associated with it including opal, rich red-brown limonite, and acicular crystals of either wavelite or selenite…very unique!

The Nevada Blue mine has a long history, first mined in 1901 under the name Pinto/Watts. Our Nevada Blue material was mined by the Hammon family from the late 1960's up into the early 1980's, and for the past 40 years had been part of the collection of Herb and Dottie Lindner. Some of the finest material was mined in the 70's, and Herb purchased most of the mine's production directly from the Hammons during that time. Today, due to extremely difficult access, the Nevada Blue Mine is no longer producing.

Herb and his wife Dottie were avid stone cutters, and many of our stones offered here are their vintage cuts from the 1970’s and 80’s. We are also cutting new stones ourselves from Herb’s beautiful rough, so we will always tell you in the listing who did the cutting. A common practice back then was to coat the top of the rough with epoxy to fill holes and irregularities before cutting. Much of that was cut away in the finishing of the stone, but some can remain. We’ll always let you know if we think the stone offered is filled. Filling is not our practice as we specialize in natural stone, but many of the vintage cut stones are that way, and they are no less beautiful!

Herb was the major source for Nevada Blue cabochons when he was actively cutting, and you’ll see his stone in classic pieces by Charles Loloma and Lee Yazzie, among other great native jewelry artists of the time. We are so excited and thankful to be able to bring this wonderful, rare, and classic Nevada Blue turquoise back into the market!

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