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Poseidon Mine Variscite

The Poseidon Mine is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada. We operate this mine with our friends and fellow turquoise miners, Tony and Emily Otteson. This mine produces incredible spiderweb nuggets, some up to a full hand size! The largest gem web nugget to date weighs almost 300 grams!! Of course, that one will never be cut. There are other nuggets of a more reasonable cabochon size that we are cutting for you. :) We think you will love the wild and unique spiderweb patterns and colors this mine produces - from deep, dark starry nights to bright greens to a very unique tan color, and even some multi-color webbed stones. It also produces clean, clear minty greens and yellow-greens that are just delicious. Poseidon variscite is truly amazing!

Poseidon Products


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